duminică, 30 ianuarie 2011

Maud Barlow: Imbicile

I would certainly hope that Maud Barlow's most recent sabre rattling on her blog at Maclean's is just election rhetoric and typical lefty scaremongering. If it's not, then she definitely gets the retard of the week award.

She has declared:

Canadians don't want nuclear weapons in space. They don't like George Bush's aggressive foreign policy and military build-up. They strongly backed the decision not to join the United States in Iraq and to say no to George Bush's ballistic missile defence plan. Well too bad -- all that is history if Stephen Harper forms the government on January 23.

Well Maud, let me be the first to inform you that there is exactly a zero chance of Stephen Harper putting Nukes in Space. Zero. I'll give you the most obvious of the multitude of reasons for this:

Canada has no F***ing nuclear weapons! None. Canada is a nuclear free country. We did this by choice. This was done long ago. So with NO Nuclear weapons at all, we can't put the nukes we don't have in space with the rockets we also don't have.

There is therefore no reason to fear monger to witless lefty voters and scare them for no reason. After all, it isn't really polite to scare the neurotic and cowardly Greater Annex voter into fits of panic.

You may therefore safely return to bashing the Free Trade Agreement that millions of Canadians rely on for their employment while even union hacks grudgingly admit that free trade has been extremely beneficial to our standard of living.

Maud, rest assured that you have yet to be right on any issue. Ever.

Please God End It NOW!!

I can't wait until this bloody election is done with and that stupid, moraless, cretin scumbag former PM dithering dumpling is gone. Buried. Finished.

The Liberals have run the most dishonest, sleaziest, low, honour-less campaign in North American history. In the sleaze factor, even the negative advertising pioneers down south can't touch the vile, despicable scaremongering and lies that the Liberals have run.

I can't fathom how you can vote for the Liberals and look yourself in the mirror. It would be more shameful than I could take. You may be able to lie to your friends and pretend you voted for someone else, but you would know the truth. You would have to live in your own skin. You would have to step out of the shower every morning (and even then you wouldn't feel clean) and look yourself in the mirror. After voting Liberal, how could you not loath what you see? Disgrace.

Show me the man you honor, and I will know what kind of man you are.

If an eloquent speaker speak not the truth, is there a more horrid kind of object in creation?

No amount of ability is of the slightest avail without honor.

Thomas Carlyle

I don't know how the candidates can show themselves in public. I would have to move to some village in the deepest Amazon. I would be disowned by my family.

If I had a brother that was a Liberal I'd lie and tell people my brother is in jail serving time for raping Llamas while wearing women's rubber underwear.

The Liberals have diminished our democracy, insulted the public, lied, stolen, mismanaged, conducted themselves without decency or honour. And yet they will be able to garner enough support to be Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition in the next parliament.

What does that say about our country? Our People? The "Canadian Values" we've been hearing about? What does that say about you, oh Liberal voter?

Think Twice and the G&M

The "Think Twice" coalition have taken out a 2 page ad taking up the centre of today's Globe and Mail Toronto edition. It is a big attack ad against Stephen Harper.

My questions are:

How much does this ad cost?

Is this a violation of the Liberals election Gag Law?

Will elections Canada look into the political activities of these 3rd party activists to see that all of their political activity isn't in violation of the law?

They need to look into Buzz's travel budget while campaigning for various Left/Separatist/Liberal causes.

Maud and Eagle, and all the rest. How much have they spent?

Hey Jamieson, why are you so quiet about these people? Hypocrite.

UPDATE: This post makes it sound like I support the Libranos evil Gag Law. I do not. I just think if we must be burdened by this atrocity, then it should at least apply equally to everyone (or did that part of the theory of "justice" also get tossed out by our dark overlords - er - supreme court?)

It's a clear violation of the charter that our "non-partisan" court allowed to stand despite 30 years of previous SCC rulings against it. But don't tell the media. They'll hold their breath, jump up and down and say "how dare you tell the truth about the extremist left-wing agenda of the supreme court!!!"

It is undeniably clear that the Gag Law is a travesty of justice which could only be ruled legal by a supreme court stacked with irresponsible partisans.

Election Results

Not Good Enough.

I don't know what the assholes in hogtown need to have happen before they stop voting for the most corrupt, arrogant, manipulative, scaremongering, lying, rude, foul government in our history.

Did Martin need to rape a small child on nation TV? Would even that have been enough to prevent the morally bankrupt "Gotham City" degenerates from voting for their dark overlords?

I know why the East Coast votes Liberals. They're full of welfare sponges on the dole. They vote themselves other people's money. They are bums. Why would they defeat their sugar daddies?

Toronto doesn't make sense though. What do the Liberals do for Toronto?

I guess what makes me so mad about the whole thing is that I expect more. I expect honesty, decency, honour. I expect the leaders of my country to RESPECT ME. By the time they have stolen and engaged in self-dealing and corruption, they are long past the point where they are unfit for office. To get to outright thievery, you have to have crossed the ethical line long ago. The bare minimum of what I expect from government is WAY, WAY short of outright theft. This is what around 35% of my fellow countrymen find acceptable.

I am disappointed at the decay of civic values and public ethics by the people I am forced to deal with and live beside. The fact that Harper will be our Prime Minister is a consolation prize.

Oh, and Stronach and Ignatieff won. It's sickening. Just sickening.

God Damn City!

I'm not even talking about Toronto this time.

My own home town, London Ontario, which I had such high hopes for has gone Liberal. The town which used to be solid conservative, has gone 2 Liberals out of its 3 ridings and in the last riding it's too close to call with the NDP candidate (my old English teacher from high school - and I didn't find her very bright) leading the Liberal candidate by a small margin.

Bastards! I have to live with these assholes. I'm so bitter. I'm stuck being represented by Sue Barnes. Again.

Tony Fontana, who no one has thought was honest for far longer than he has been in federal politics is representing the North and Centre of the city.

Baned my first troll

Well, I can't say as this means a whole lot but I've had to actually ban a troll.

I'm a tolerant guy. I've allowed lots of people from both sides to leave mouthy comments (I mean even mouthier than me!) But this guy was just an idiot. I also deleted one out of the several messages he left.

I don't know but I just think it's some sort of milestone...

I'm totally kidding.

But anyway, my last 2 posts did get a hell of a reaction. I've been grumpy the last few days and it shows. It's the busy time at work, the stress of the election, lack of sleep and being slagged for 56 straight days by the Liberals put me in a mood.

At least I know I'm not the only one.

At any rate, tonight I get a good night sleep and hope to feel better in the morning.