duminică, 30 ianuarie 2011

Baned my first troll

Well, I can't say as this means a whole lot but I've had to actually ban a troll.

I'm a tolerant guy. I've allowed lots of people from both sides to leave mouthy comments (I mean even mouthier than me!) But this guy was just an idiot. I also deleted one out of the several messages he left.

I don't know but I just think it's some sort of milestone...

I'm totally kidding.

But anyway, my last 2 posts did get a hell of a reaction. I've been grumpy the last few days and it shows. It's the busy time at work, the stress of the election, lack of sleep and being slagged for 56 straight days by the Liberals put me in a mood.

At least I know I'm not the only one.

At any rate, tonight I get a good night sleep and hope to feel better in the morning.