duminică, 30 ianuarie 2011

Maud Barlow: Imbicile

I would certainly hope that Maud Barlow's most recent sabre rattling on her blog at Maclean's is just election rhetoric and typical lefty scaremongering. If it's not, then she definitely gets the retard of the week award.

She has declared:

Canadians don't want nuclear weapons in space. They don't like George Bush's aggressive foreign policy and military build-up. They strongly backed the decision not to join the United States in Iraq and to say no to George Bush's ballistic missile defence plan. Well too bad -- all that is history if Stephen Harper forms the government on January 23.

Well Maud, let me be the first to inform you that there is exactly a zero chance of Stephen Harper putting Nukes in Space. Zero. I'll give you the most obvious of the multitude of reasons for this:

Canada has no F***ing nuclear weapons! None. Canada is a nuclear free country. We did this by choice. This was done long ago. So with NO Nuclear weapons at all, we can't put the nukes we don't have in space with the rockets we also don't have.

There is therefore no reason to fear monger to witless lefty voters and scare them for no reason. After all, it isn't really polite to scare the neurotic and cowardly Greater Annex voter into fits of panic.

You may therefore safely return to bashing the Free Trade Agreement that millions of Canadians rely on for their employment while even union hacks grudgingly admit that free trade has been extremely beneficial to our standard of living.

Maud, rest assured that you have yet to be right on any issue. Ever.