duminică, 30 ianuarie 2011

Election Results

Not Good Enough.

I don't know what the assholes in hogtown need to have happen before they stop voting for the most corrupt, arrogant, manipulative, scaremongering, lying, rude, foul government in our history.

Did Martin need to rape a small child on nation TV? Would even that have been enough to prevent the morally bankrupt "Gotham City" degenerates from voting for their dark overlords?

I know why the East Coast votes Liberals. They're full of welfare sponges on the dole. They vote themselves other people's money. They are bums. Why would they defeat their sugar daddies?

Toronto doesn't make sense though. What do the Liberals do for Toronto?

I guess what makes me so mad about the whole thing is that I expect more. I expect honesty, decency, honour. I expect the leaders of my country to RESPECT ME. By the time they have stolen and engaged in self-dealing and corruption, they are long past the point where they are unfit for office. To get to outright thievery, you have to have crossed the ethical line long ago. The bare minimum of what I expect from government is WAY, WAY short of outright theft. This is what around 35% of my fellow countrymen find acceptable.

I am disappointed at the decay of civic values and public ethics by the people I am forced to deal with and live beside. The fact that Harper will be our Prime Minister is a consolation prize.

Oh, and Stronach and Ignatieff won. It's sickening. Just sickening.