duminică, 30 ianuarie 2011

Think Twice and the G&M

The "Think Twice" coalition have taken out a 2 page ad taking up the centre of today's Globe and Mail Toronto edition. It is a big attack ad against Stephen Harper.

My questions are:

How much does this ad cost?

Is this a violation of the Liberals election Gag Law?

Will elections Canada look into the political activities of these 3rd party activists to see that all of their political activity isn't in violation of the law?

They need to look into Buzz's travel budget while campaigning for various Left/Separatist/Liberal causes.

Maud and Eagle, and all the rest. How much have they spent?

Hey Jamieson, why are you so quiet about these people? Hypocrite.

UPDATE: This post makes it sound like I support the Libranos evil Gag Law. I do not. I just think if we must be burdened by this atrocity, then it should at least apply equally to everyone (or did that part of the theory of "justice" also get tossed out by our dark overlords - er - supreme court?)

It's a clear violation of the charter that our "non-partisan" court allowed to stand despite 30 years of previous SCC rulings against it. But don't tell the media. They'll hold their breath, jump up and down and say "how dare you tell the truth about the extremist left-wing agenda of the supreme court!!!"

It is undeniably clear that the Gag Law is a travesty of justice which could only be ruled legal by a supreme court stacked with irresponsible partisans.